Sep 15, 2020 12:00 PM
Reverend Tom Bloom, Community Vineyard Church
Cultural Social Justice and Inclusion

We’ll be continuing our monthly efforts on the topic of Social Inclusion as we hear from Pastor Tom on the topics of Social Justice and Cultural Bias.  His Church is located on State Road and is non-denominational. 

Pastor Tom travels often to Ukraine to work among the Roma (Gypsy) people there and also to India to help train and equip young pastors.  His spiritual passions include evangelism and worship.  Tom believes that America's problems cannot be solved through politics or political parties.  Instead, America is in desperate need of revival.  His prayer is, "Come, again, Lord Jesus, in the power of your Holy Spirit." BKQR_mGb91Kb_vQAsoWc5Dyyw583ucA