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to act as a
Greeter and Money Collector!
Rotary Lunch Meeting Greeters and Collectors July 2015-April 2017
July Ed Davies
August Bob Heydorn and Matt Baker
September Denny Sidebotham and Diane Sheridan
October Tony Malorni and Janet Ciotola
November Rich Brown and Megan Miller
December George Feltovich and Allison Bogdan
January Lisa Coates
February Joe McNamee and Amy Martin
March Pete Feisthamel and Kristy Rice
April Steve Fuller
May Larry Walters
June Carol Klinger
July Joe Huber
August Shelia Hedrick
September Jill Kolesar
October Joe Post
November Roger Taylor
December Kathie Crabtree
January Kevin Rosswurm
February Dave Everhard
March Todd Nichols
April Jim Coe