Posted by Dave Everhard on Jul 24, 2018
Members Receive
Harris Fellows Awards
At our July 24th and August 8th meetings, President Kevin Rosswurm presented a Paul Harris Fellowship Awards to several members who were present.  Paul Harris awards went to Kevin Rosswurm (PH+1), Roger Taylor (PH+1), Dave Everhard (PH+4), and Bob Heydorn(PH+6).  Carol Klinger also received her Paul Harris +3.  Rich Brown has also earned an additional Award.  Thank you for you continued support of the Rotary Foundation and the works of Rotary.
The Paul Harris award is presented to a Rotarian who has contributed $1000 to the Rotary Foundation. Thank you to you all for your continued support of the Rotary Foundation and to the beliefs and tenets of Rotary. You not only support Rotary with your financial support, but also with all the time you give into the various projects of Rotary.