Posted by Dave Everhard on Jul 11, 2017
Rotary Youth Exchange Student Gustavo Meireles,
Paul Harris Fellows and DG Awards
At our July 11 meeting, President Lisa Coates presented the latest Paul Harris fellowships to Steve Fuller, Jim Coe and Jill Kolesar. Steve received his Paul Harris plus 2, Jill received their Paul Harris plus 1 and Jim received his first Paul Harris.  
Each Paul Harris award is presented by a commitment of the donor of $1000 over time. Thank you to you all for your continued support of the Rotary Foundation and to the beliefs and tenets of Rotary. You not only support Rotary with your financial support, but also with all the time you give into the various projects of Rotary.
You are all great examples of Rotarians.
Suzanne Upton and Amy Martin also received District Governor Jim MacKee's challenge award for accumulating 100 points or more for service to the Club and District for 2016-2017.  Congratulations Amy and Suzanne!
We also had as our guest for the last time this year, our incoming Rotary Youth Exchange student Gustavo Leal Meireles and the host family (Suzanne Upton and her son), his friends and supporters for the year.  Gustavo expressed his gratitude to our Club and everyone who helped him thru the year.  He has been a great representative and exemplifies how the RYE is intended to work!  Thank you all for making his time a wonderful experience!