"Reflections on the Pacific War, A Marine Interpreter Remembers"



Noel Leathers recently had his latest book published.  The book documents his memories as a Marine interpreter interviewing Japanese prisoners of war after the invasions of the Pacific Islands in 1946-1947. 

The publication date (December 31, 2012)shortly preceded his death on January 28th, 2013.

The book is available in paperback on Amazon for $16.50.  A reviewer comments:

"This book is a magnificent testament to Dr. Leathers' ability to analyze the War, and Japanese
culture and history, and the part that they played in it, a dense paperback capsule of the last 3,000 years in that part of the world. Dr. Leathers emphasizes the role played by conditioning of a culture, born of necessity - in the case of the Japanese, a culture of cooperation made necessary by the difficulty of raising an adequate amount of food on an island with very little arable land. I think you'll enjoy it. Not only a Marine, an FBI agent, a high school history teacher and ultimately president of a university, Dr. Leathers brings deep experience to his task. The book is also a testament to his ability (and that of his wife VIolet, who did the beautiful cover artwork) to complete such a project at the end of a nearly 90-year life.