Check here to see when you are signed up to act as a
Greeter and Money Collector this year!
Here is the list of those who have volunteered to act as Greeters and Money Collectors for the coming year:
  • July 2014:              Lisa Coates and Ed Davies
  • August 2014:         Bob Heydorn and Somebody Else???
  • September 2014:  Tony Malorni and Denny Sidebotham
  • October 2014:       Lisa Coates and Rich Brown
  • November 2014:    Pete Feisthamel and Joe McNamee
  • December 2014     George Feltovich and Jim Coe
  • January 2015:        Steve Fuller and Joe Huber, Jr.
  • February 2015:      Ed Davies and Carol Klinger
  • March 2015:           Larry Walters and Shelia Hedrick
  • April 2015:             Roger Taylor and Jill Kolesar
  • May 2015:              Kathie Crabtree and Kevin Rosswurm
  • June 2015:             Somebody else and not me?
  • July 2015:               Nobody and who?