New Year's Resolution
(Be a Better Rotarian!)
Dear Falls Rotarian,
This is a suggestion to all the members of our club to make and keep one important New Year's Resolution:
Being a Rotarian is a commitment to being an active member of the Rotary Club of Cuyahoga Falls.  We all know that our lives are busy with our jobs, children, home life, etc. but when we joined Rotary we agreed to fulfill a role in an organization that relies on its members to be involved in meetings, events, and service projects to promote our charitable causes and support the ideals of Rotary.
Although attendance requirements have  been adjusted to allow members a little more flexibility today, it does not mean you can send a check to pay your dues and add "Rotarian" to your resume!
There are many ways to be a part of our Club if it is hard for you to make it to the Tuesday meeting.  Show up at a service project, planting flowers at the Library, weed the flowers, join in the River Cleanup, help out at Night at the Races or Reverse Raffle, join the Clubs at Heroes' Day,  do a make up at a club which meets your schedule better, attend the District events, etc, etc.!
This is a reminder that your participation is not just encouraged, it is required!  Make a resolution to BE A BETTER ROTARIAN and an active member of our Club!