Heather Foster, our Outbound Exchange Student, heading to Croatia this summer representing our club spoke at the June 18th lunch meeting. She spoke to the club about the process and some of what she will be doing and her hopes for the year. She indicated that this is something she had always wanted to do, and that in her opinion, Rotary is the best vehicle and program for High School students interested in studying abroad. Even though her Croatian is not that great now, she expects to have it vastly improved while there. She was also relieved that her host family does speak some English also. As a side note, while she is gone , her family has agreed to host an In bound Exchange Student also. We are looking forward to updates from Heather via our Facebook page, as well as emails and a possible Skype conversation at one of our future meetings.What a great young lady Heather is and will represent our club and Rotary well on her trip.