ImageKathie Crabtree Sewing Quilt for Relay for Life Fundraiser


Kathie Crabtree has created a quilt for the Relay for Life Fundraiser that the club is sponsoring.  It will be for sale during the event and we will be selling raffle tickets for $5 each or 3 for $10. We need to get out there and help sell those tickets! 

I everyone has cancer survivors and stories in their families.  My grandmother, father and uncle succumbed to cancer.  However, my brother, aunt, step daughter, are all survivors!

In our own club, we have cancer survivors, Kathie Crabtree, Rich Brown, Joe McNamee, Rev. Hughes, Steve Fuller just to name a few that I am aware of.

Lets support the cause!  Send your donations to Shelia Hedrick for luminairies, find a way to support the Club during the Relay for Life weekend, or plan on helping out that weekend!