Read this article to see our speaker assignments for Rotary Year 2014-15
Here are the speaker assignments for Rotary Year 2014-15.  If, for some reason you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities for your assigned month, please trade with another club member.  If you trade months with someone, please notify Kevin Rosswurm so he can update the list.  As soon as you’ve recruited your speakers notify Dave Everhard so that he can place the information in the Spoke.  (You’ll get a better turnout that way!) 
  • 2014
    • July              Tony Malorni 
    • August          George Feltovich and Kevin Rosswurm
    • September     Roger Taylor and Bob Heydorn
    • October         Todd Nichols and Dennis Sidebotham
    • November      Joe Post and Joe McNamee
    • December      Kathie Crabtree and Lisa Coates
  • 2015
    • January         Shelia Hedrick and Robert Hughes
    • February       Joe Huber and Mark Lewis
    • March           Ed Davies and Rich Brown
    • April              Steve Fuller and Carol Klinger      
    • May              Sue Abell and Jim Coe     
    • June              Larry Walters and Pete Feisthamel
    • July               Dave Everhard and Jill Kolesar